Support Our Initiatives

To support our free and participant-friendly Smart Conferences, please follow the link.

Alongside the organized Events, which are completely FREE for the participants, we work on other things needing your support. We deal with education and advocate the necessity of developing Critical Thinking skills, prioritizing Academic Integrity, and all forms of Literacy (Media Literacy, Financial Literacy, Ecoliteracy, etc.). We actively initiate various projects aiming at fighting gender inequality, solving problems of vulnerable populations, and treating environmental issues. We see great perspectives in fostering socially responsible entrepreneurship. 

* All the money goes directly to the account of the NGO “Sustainable Development Landmarks”.

** We may also consider other forms of donation (office equipment (laptops, all-in-one printers, projectors, etc.), transportation means, etc.) on request. That might be beneficial with the implementation of our local projects, especially those referring to the problems and needs of vulnerable populations.